Software Provider Readiness

This section of the newsletter provides a summary of information to support those developing their own software to connect to the CHESS replacement system.  Software Provider Readiness is a testing phase that comprises of system testing and accreditation and are to be performed in industry test environment 1 (ITE1). 

This update highlights:

  • The topics from recent Software Provider Readiness working groups (SPR WG);

  • Any new documentation published to support software provider readiness.

Software Provider Readiness Working Group

In September 2021 ASX kicked off a new working group for those organisations who are developing their own software to integrate with the CHESS replacement system - Software Provider Readiness working group (SPR WG).

ASX has hosted two meetings since the end October.

SPR WG - 17 November 2021

A summary of the topics presented include:

  • Common questions relating to Corporate Actions;

  • ITE1 update in advance of the end November open date;

  • Update on interim process for security credentials for ITE1;

  • Details of ITE1 test data and test tools (for each cohort) to support system testing.

SPR WG - 8 December 2021

Following the opening of ITE1 on 30 November 2021, a summary of the topics presented in this webinar included:

  • Summary of ITE1 support documentation, including the new page for limitations, observed behaviours and defects;

  • ISO 20022 update to ensure software providers' applications have the flexibility to support the _!p suffix found in the business service suffix- details here;

  • Pagination update to ensure applications support this;

  • Accreditation deep dive following the publication of the Accreditation Guide at the end of November 2021. See details below.

Coming up:

The next SPR WG will be held on Wednesday 19 January 2022.

Details of the Software Provider Readiness working groups, including a copy of the presentation, webinar recording and Q&A can be found here.

Support documentation:

Documentation that has been published to support the software provider readiness phase includes:

  • Connectivity Guide for those wishing to connect to ITE1 for testing.

  • Guide to Testing Services provides details of the industry test environments.

    • This guide was updated to include inflight migration testing and details of how to contact ASX and book a performance testing window.

  • Accreditation Guide provides an overview of the CHESS Replacement accreditation test and set expectations regarding conduct and expected results.

    • This guide was published in November 2021 and outlines the technical accreditation steps - connectivity accreditation and messaging accreditation.

    • All software provider applications must pass the ASX accreditation process prior to accessing the clearing and settlement platform.

    • Software providers are required to complete only the accreditation test scenarios which relate to the functionality they will use in the production environment

Full documentation release notes covering the above are outlined in the Documentation Spotlight section of this newsletter.

Coming up:

The focus of the ASX team for the next period is to support the software providers to successfully connect to the ITE1 environment. Organisations are encouraged to submit ITE1 application forms if they have yet to do so.


A list of upcoming project activities can be read here.


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