Customer Development Environment Updates

No new updates - December 2021

ASX's customer development environment (CDE) follows the development cycle of the CHESS Replacement project. Functionality, security features and test capabilities will be progressively added to the environment during the life of the project in iterative cycles.  Details and objectives of CDE and how to access are provided in our technical documentation portal here

CDE 10

Our latest drop of code (CDE 10) was released on 27 September 2021. This was our final functional release to CDE which included the functional code for the netting and settlement changes and combined with DRP/BSP functionality and enquiry workflows, that was previously scheduled for CDE 11.  This completes the full functional payload for day 1 go-live.

CDE10 was made up of remaining functional features including;

  • netting and settlement changes

  • DRP/BSP elections

  • remaining demand reporting

  • rectified known issues and defects.

Full release notes were published in the ASX’s documentation portal.


Coming next

With CDE10 this completes the functional development for the CHESS replacement system. Focus now shifts to the next phase of industry testing, for Software Provider Readiness and the opening of the new ITE1 environment.

The Customer Development Environment for organisation not moving in to ITE1 will continue to be supported, until the subsequent phases of testing migrated data (ITE-M) and CHESS User Readiness (ITE2). Details are provided in the published Industry Test Strategy.


Other CDE information

The CDE Forward Release Plan provides details of the development timetable.

CDE reminders:

CDE supports early access development and low volume transaction and functional testing, following iterative development of the technical solutions.


A list of upcoming project activities can be read here.


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