Implementation & Transition Working Group

ASX hosted implementation & transition working groups (I&T WG) on 27 October 2021 and on 15 December 2021.  The next I&T WG will be on 23 February 2022.

I&T WG - 27 October 2021

The implementation & transition working group (I&T WG) on 27 October provided members with a recap on some key aspects for cutover and migration as well as new information on customer migration reports in advance of the Focus Groups held in early November. 

A project update was also provided on both recent and upcoming events and activities. 

  • CDE10, last drop of functional code, released on 27 September and FAQs updated on the documentation portal;

  • Software providers connectivity to ITE1 has commenced; next steps include security on-boarding in November;

  • Software provider readiness working group on 13 October included an introduction to the certificate portal, ledger API updates and Q&A on netting and settlement changes;

  • Questionnaire issued to share registries to gauge technical and operational readiness, including support for end to end testing;

  • New documentation published including (i) Guide to Testing Services for ITE1; and (ii) Failover and Recovery Guide for ITE1.

The purpose of the focus groups to be held on cutover and migration was also presented including:

  • To provide clarity on key cutover and migration activities such as market dress rehearsal activity, rollback expectations and migration approach;

  • To allow for an open discussion on specific MDR considerations such as challenges with the weekend timeline, MDR date cut and what environment CHESS Users will use to conduct MDR;

  • To provide a forum to allow stakeholders to raise any potential issues or concerns with the proposed plans​.

The recording for the 27 October webinar, presentation materials and Q&A can be found here.

I&T WG - 15 December 2021

ASX hosted our last implementation & transition working group (I&T WG) for 2021 on 15 December and provided members with a project update, an introduction to the operational readiness scenarios, a summary of the feedback from the recent cutover and migration focus groups, and an update on published documentation.

The project update included:

  • The opening of ITE1 on 30 November; software providers will now progressively transition from CDE into ITE1 from December 2021 – February 2022;

  • Software providers testing of CDE10, which includes the netting and settlement changes, continues to progress;

  • The third of three tranches of operating rule amendments, together with the combined package of rule amendments consultation period closed 14 December 2021;

  • New CHESS user working groups to be established in Q1 2022.

Operational Readiness and Scenarios:

  • Overview of the ITE2 environment and datasets;

  • Explanation of the CHESS user testing phase;

  • Details of the Operational Readiness phase;

  • Illustration of the Operational Readiness Scenarios for each user type, to be progressively published by end Q1 2022.

Cutover and Migration focus group summary:

  • A series of focus groups were hosted in early November with the aim to provide clarity on key cutover and migration activities such as MDRs, expectations on a rollback and migration approach;

  • A summary of substantive feedback received, and a response to it, has been included in the Cutover and Migration Strategy paper.

Project documentation update:

  • New documentation published including ITE1 Accreditation Guide and an uplift to the Guide to Testing Services for inflight migration and ITE1 test tools;

  • December 2021 documentation release contains the Cutover and Migration Strategy and new ITE certificate management information;

  • ITE2 application forms will also be made available in December 2021.

The recording for the 15 December webinar, presentation materials and Q&A can be found here.

Coming up

The next I&T WG will be held on Wednesday 23 February 2022. Calendar invitations will be sent out in advance of the event including confirmation of the topics.

Other resources

Materials from previous I&T Working Group meetings can be accessed via the CHESS Replacement Stakeholder Engagement website.



For your consideration in any CHESS changes:

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