17 September 2019 - Forward Release Plan


17 September 2019


Update: Forward Release Plan has been revised including features to be made available in the remaining CDE code drops.

Reason for changes

To illustrate a clearer delineation between availability of technical documentation versus availability of software in to the CDE.  It also includes a full solution design by detailing functionality to be made available in CDE 6 and CDE 7.

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Release Notes

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Details of update

Forward Release Plan (Update)

Details both documentation and code capabilities/features.

Major update to include the following changes:

  1. Restructured the Forward Release Plan to provide a clear delineation between the availability of documentation versus when the code becomes available in the Customer Development Environment (CDE).
  2. In response to stakeholder feedback, published the summary of all remaining features and capabilities associated with future code releases (i.e. CDE drop 6 and CDE drop 7).

The plan is subject to change as we continue to engage with stakeholders on solution design, and subsequent system development testing.

Changes to Day 1 scope

The restructured Forward Release Plan excludes two items from the previously published ‘Day 1’ features in the “CHESS Replacement: New Scope and Implementation Plan” April 2018 consultation paper, which are no longer in scope for Day 1:

  1. Settlement lock for Issuer sponsored holdings
  2. Auto-borrow

Settlement lock for Issuer sponsored holdings has been removed from Day 1 due to complex stakeholder issues, including that ASX Settlement will not have control or oversight of Issuer sponsored holdings (unlike broker sponsored holdings) and the reliance on an Issuer’s share registries for the delivery of securities during batch settlement. These issues need to be worked through, and this feature will now be considered for implementation post Day 1.

Auto-borrow has been removed from Day 1 on the basis that the scope was limited to novated transactions only. Given the very low fail rates for novated transactions there is little market demand for this feature, as many participants already have arrangements in place with other borrowing services in the event of a delivery shortfall. This feature will now be considered with a potentially larger scope for implementation post Day 1.

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