December 2019 - CDE Code Drop Notes

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Code Drop 5

The release notes detail the scope of the fifth drop of CDE code, released in December 2019, including details of the available functionality in the CDE environment. This CDE code drop is accompanied by the December 2019 What's New technical documentation updates. Full details of the functionality are provided below.


CDE ReleaseTechnical Documentation ReleaseSupporting DocumentationDA SDK Version
CDE Release 5

December 2018

July 2019

September 2019

October 2019

Known Issues & Limitations

Cutover and Migration

Ledger API Connectivity to the CSP (Major updates detailed here)

CDE Self-Service Trade Ingest API

DAML SDK: 0.13.38
Bindings Rx Java: 100.13.38
DAML LF Archive: 100.13.38
CSP Java Stubs: 1.19.12

For further details refer to the Forward Release Plan.

Release Notes

Please note the following points for your consideration:

  • Party Identification in CDE Code Drop 5 is limited to UIC format only. BIC support will be available in a subsequent release.
  • For Ledger API connectivity, both ISO 20022 ingress and egress instructions are supported. Please note, resultant state change contracts may be visible, but are not documented in this release and are subject to change.
  • Final security, resiliency and fail-over models are not present in the CDE Environment.
  • Transactional data may be lost in the event of a system restart or upgrade. The ASX will re-populate environments with seeded data.
  • Mutual TLS for Ledger API connectivity is planned for a subsequent release.
  • Self-serve trades (via Trade Ingest API) on deferred securities are not available in the CDE environment.
  • Housekeeping for Transfers and Conversions, SRN Enquiry and Bilateral Settlement Instructions are not available in the CDE environment.
  • For internal CDE maintenance, ASX may refresh environment every two weeks. ASX will always notify CDE Subscribers prior to any environment refresh.

Available Functionality

FunctionDescriptionRelease Notes
Change of Controlling Participant

A request by a Controlling Participant to relinquish control of a Sponsored/Direct Account (HIN), Holder Records and Holdings in the Account (HIN) to another Controlling Participant.

CDE Drop 5 includes end-to-end workflow for this transaction type. This includes the workflow for a Change of Controlling Participant and Controlling Participant Enquiries.
Settlement LockA request to lock or unlock scheduled/demand settlement instructions/transfers.

CDE Drop 5 includes end-to-end workflow for this transaction type. This includes the workflow for Settlement Locks and Settlement Lock Unlocks.

Issuer's Agent Transfer (Warrants)The ability for an Issuer's Agent to effect the movement of warrants and the underlying securities for warrant deliveries, warrant exercises and warrant rollover applications.

CDE Drop 5 includes end-to-end workflow for this transaction type. This includes the workflow for Issuer's Agent Transfer (Warrants).

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