CDE Self-Service Tools

Self-Service Tools are provided by ASX to support vendors and participants simulate events where a counter-party is required.

Available CDE Self-Service Tools

Self-Service Tools are categorised by user type:

Enrolling for Self-Service Feature

The Self-Service Tools are a service that requires enrolment. Enrolment to use the Self-Service feature is optional and the enrolment process depends on the developer's current CDE enrolment status:

  • If the developer is currently enrolled in CDE and wishes to opt-in for the Self-Service feature, they are required to contact CTS here and request the feature; or

  • If the developer is yet to enrol, they can select the opt-in for the Self-Service feature on the registration form found here where they are required to select the 'self-service tool' option.

Using the Self-Service Feature

  • Only one CSV file submission is accepted at a time.

  • The CSV must not be over 50KB in size.

  • The CSV must be encoded in UTF-8 not UTF-8-BOM. For further details refer here.

  • Date fields must be populated in a yyyy-mm-dd format.

  • Where the sample file is provided as an Excel file (.xlsx), it will need to be separated based on the sample template message provided.

  • Where present, the Template_Full View is provided for reference only. Do not upload this sample as it contains sample data with all of the fields available in the message.

  • Transaction ID must be unique for each record within a CSV file, but also unique for the CSP.

  • Each Self-Service Tool follows a workflow detailed and supported by and documented in supporting functional and messaging specifications, it is advised that these specifications are viewed prior to initiating a self-service transaction.



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