September 2021 - CDE Code Drop Notes

Code Drop 10

The release notes detail the scope of CDE code drop 10, available on 27 September 2021, including details of the available functionality in the CDE environment. CDE10 is accompanied by the 27 September 2021 what’s new documentation update. Full details of the functionality are provided below.


CDE Release

Technical Documentation Release

Supporting Documentation

DA SDK Version

For further details refer to the Forward Release Plan.

Release Notes

AMQP users should be advised that as part of this release, any uncollected / egress ISO messages will be expired and subsequently purged after 10 business days. This is to support housekeeping activities.

Please note the following points for your consideration:

  • On CDE reset, corporate actions with dates in the past will be removed from seeding to avoid incomplete corporate action lifecycles. ASX will also remove any deferred securities that relate to these corporate actions.

  • Opt-in ISO Message Signing is available. To opt-in to ISO Messaging signing in CDE, click here.

  • For Ledger API connectivity, both ISO 20022 ingress and egress instructions are supported. Please note, resultant state change contracts may be visible, but are not documented in this release and are subject to change.

  • Final security, resiliency and fail-over models are not present in the CDE Environment.

  • Transactional data may be lost in the event of a system restart or upgrade. The ASX will re-populate environments with seeded data.

  • For internal CDE maintenance, ASX may refresh environment every two weeks. ASX will always notify CDE Subscribers prior to any environment refresh.

  • Ledger API Connectivity Users Only: CDE9 introduced Public Parties and Public Contracts. Public Parties are observers created and on-boarded by ASX that have permission to access active public contracts available to all market participants such as Calendars, Issuers and Securities. Refer to Contracts Overview and Public Party Contracts for further information.

  • Payment Provider Environment Only: The auto-responder has been uplifted to respond as a Payment Provider in workflows involving funds obligations. Any customers who would like to test this functionality as a Payment Provider are required to opt-in by notifying CTS. Paying Payment Providers must not submit a rejection Funds Obligation Status Advice (sett_135) message in response to a Funds Obligation (sett_133) message with an Authorisation Reason of Funds Authorisation (PFAU) that is received during Batch Settlement. Providing a rejection response in this scenario will cause Batch Settlement to not complete and the only remediation will be an environment reset.

  • CDE 9.5 (mFund Release) introduced mFund functionality including auto-responders for participants.

  • CDE 9.5 (mFund Release) introduced the Holding Movement (HMVT) demand report. Guaranteed Foreign Indicator will be made available in a subsequent release.

  • CDE 10 introduces mFund self-service test tooling supporting PISPs, as well as DRP Election and Enquiry self-service test tools supporting Issuers (Registries) and Participants. Self-service tools do not currently support the receipt or generation of mFund Application / Redemption confirmation messages for Participants.

  • CDE 10 introduces DRP/BSP Election / Election Enquiry and Reserve Bank Information & Transfer System (RITS) auto-responders for Participants and Payment Providers.

  • CDE 10 introduces enhancements to Self-Service Tool error handling, providing users with Invalid Transaction Notification (comm_807) and Rejected Transaction (comm_808) reject reasons.

  • CDE 10 introduces Party Identification support for both a BIC and UIC format. Party Identification for Self-Service Tools will support UIC format only.

Available Functionality



Release Notes



Release Notes

Netting and Settlement Changes

Changes related to the netting and settlement workflow.

CDE 10 includes changes to market trade, netting, reporting and batch settlement.


The ability to request the following demand reports from the CSP:

The ability to receive the following end of day reports from the CSP:

CDE 10 includes the following demand reports; Obligation Status Report (OBLG), Counterparty Funds Balance (CFBL) and Account Notification Report (ACNT).

CDE 10 includes the following end of day reports Payment Provider Projections and Netted Obligation Report (NNDP).

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) and Bonus Share (BSP) Plan Elections

The ability for a Controlling Participant or Issuer (Registry) to initiate and/or cancel full and partial DRP/BSP Elections.

CDE 10 includes the DRP/BSP Election Enquiry as well as DRP/BSP Election and Cancellation.