13 December 2021 - ITE1 Reset


13 December 2021


ITE1 Reset, Known Issues and Limitations and General Documentation Updates

Reason for changes

  1. Updates to the Ledger API Connectivity section to incorporate token usage.

  2. Updates to the ITE1 Known Issues and Limitations page to include newly identified defects.

  3. General documentation updates.


For clarity, deletions, code snippets, hyperlinks, images, terminology and major content updates to pages or tables are not highlighted in orange.

ITE1 Reset

ASX has completed the routine maintenance to the Industry Test Environment (ITE1) as per the latest ITE1 Code Release Notes in our Technical Documentation portal.

For the duration of ITE1, ASX will notify software providers ahead of any scheduled maintenance activities.

ITE1 Routine Maintenance Notes

  • Transactional data may be lost in the event of a system restart or upgrade. ASX will re-populate environments with seeded data.

  • Corporate actions will be enabled from January 2022, ASX will separately notify software providers to confirm.

  • Clearing and Settlement Participants will need to create settlement and accumulation accounts each time ITE1 is refreshed.

  • Payment Providers and AMOs will have the Settlement Entrepot account re-seeded with the accounts hydrated with securities when the environment is refreshed.

Please contact CTS@asx.com.au if you have queries regarding this note.


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ISO 20022 Messaging

ISO 20022 Messaging - Technical Manual (TM)

Updated: ISO 20022 Messaging - TM - Pagination

  • Updated to include the following note: Where pagination occurs each report page is generated to have a target file size of 32kb, as the data content within each report may vary the file size of each page may vary and in a number of instances be greater than 32kb. The number of entries will vary based on the type of each report. Developers should therefore ensure their systems do not rely on a specific number of entries per report and that they can support page sizes greater than 32kb.

  • Updated the Pagination Conditions - Applicable Messages table to include a report type column for further clarity.


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Ledger API Connectivity to the CSP

Obtaining a Ledger API Token (Update)

  1. Updated the Obtaining a Ledger API Access Token Prerequisites table for Ledger API Signing Certificate to clarify “The “Ledger API Signing Certificate” is in PEM format, it contains both the private and public key. The first certificate is the private key, the second certificate is the public key. Save each key into a separate text files, they will be used to create the JWT token.”

  2. Updated the Obtaining a Ledger API Access Token Overview for Step 1 to include the following clarification “The JWT token is created using the private and public key extracted from the “Ledger API Signing Certificate”.”

  3. Updated the Obtaining a Ledger API Access Token Creating the Payload section to replace the example of a working payload from a sample/placeholder aud entry to the ITE1 aud provided.

  4. Updated the Posting the JWT to the Token Issuer (OAuth 2.0) Endpoint section to include:

    • the following inclusion to the Curl command “--cacert <cacert-file>”; and

    • the following clarification: “The cacert-file should be provided by CTS (e.g. ASXEnterpriseCA.certchain.pem)“.

  5. Updated the Java Example to include the further context on the two areas addressed including:

    • Creating the initial JWT token using the private and public key (obtained from “Ledger API Signing Certificate”); and

    • Sending the request to the IAM service to obtain the Ledger token.

  6. Updated the Configurations and properties code snippet to clarify that both the public and private keys are String in PEM format, with no line breaks.

  7. Moved the Submitting Commands to the Ledger through Ledger API section to the Submit the Command page.

Connect to the Ledger (Update)

  1. Updated the code sample to include accessToken.

  2. Updated the reference to trustCertCollectionFilePath to include distribution details for both CDE and ITE1.

  3. Updated to include a description of accessToken, acquired from the Obtaining a Ledger API Token section.

Submit the Command (Update)

  • Updated the Preparing for Command Submission table to simplify and remove definition duplication for application Id and command Id.

  • Updated the code samples to include accessToken.

Identify the Master Ingress Contract (Update)

Updated the code samples to include accessToken.

Point in Time Recovery (Update)

Implementation Phases

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Industry Test Environment (ITE)

ITE1 Known Issues & Limitations

The following CHESS UI known issues and limitations have been added:

  • Observed Behaviour

    • Bilateral Matching Concurrency

  • Defect

    • Incorrect Settlement Instruction Transaction Id displayed in CHESS UI

Release Notes

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Release Notes

November 2021 - ITE1 Drop Notes (Update)

  1. Updated to include reference to the 13 December What’s New.

  2. Updated to clarify availability of Corporate Actions from January 2021.