Section 01 - Introduction to the Cutover and Migration Strategy

Context of this Document

The ASX Cutover and Migration Strategy must be read in the context of the ASX CHESS Replacement Technical Documentation (as applicable).

In the interests of readability and comprehension, where a procedure applies only in the context of securities in a listed company, the specific term security has been used instead of the more generic term financial product.

Change History

1.1 Source

The ASX Cutover and Migration Strategy is issued and maintained by ASX Limited (ASX).

1.2 Purpose of Cutover and Migration Strategy

The purpose of the Cutover and Migration Strategy is to provide software providers and CHESS users with the scope and approach for the migration of CHESS to the CHESS replacement system including the associated Market Dress Rehearsals (MDRs).

The Cutover and Migration Strategy provides:

  • an overview and timeline of cutover and migration;

  • the migration scope including CHESS user considerations and expectations;

  • an overview of the cutover weekend including key activities for CHESS users;

  • the approach for MDRs including key considerations;

  • an introduction to post MDR day one testing; and

  • the release plan for other supporting industry testing documentation.

The summary of cutover and migration focus group feedback may be found in Appendix A.

1.3 Key Definitions





Data Migration

Sequence of activities, automated or manual, enabling migration of selected data from source system(s) to target system(s), often times to enable new / target system(s) to be the new system(s) of record and continue to support functionalities, either fully or partly, that were provided by the source system(s) until cutover.

Production Refresh

A copy of CHESS production is taken and the copy is made available to the ASX Migration team. All CHESS related migration and reconciliations use this copy as the source of truth.


The process of retrieving data from source systems to facilitate transformation and generation of load files. The CHESS Replacement Powered Data Platform leverages JDBC drivers to gain access to the prod copy and manage data flow in to Migration Database.


Data conversion from current form to enable load in to target system, including modification or derivation of data value and/or format of data.


The process of moving extracted / transformed data into the target system.


The act of validating the expected number of records have been migrated to target system and verifying that the defined datasets match expected results. There are two phases of reconciliation; pre-load reconciliation and post-load reconciliation.

Business Verification

After reconciliation, the process of verifying that migration has resulted in correct data population in the target system.

Data Validation

The process of identification of data quality issues against the target CHESS replacement system requirements. This is performed prior to the load of data in the CHESS replacement system.

Mock Migration

Execution of data migration and reconciliation of the Cutover to prove the end to end data migration and reconciliation process

Testing on Migrated Data

An internal test phase specifically designed to test a set of prioritized functionalities in the CHESS Replacement system with migrated data.


A logical grouping of data.

Load File

A file in a desired format (i.e. CSVs) generated by Extract/Transform program as an output and used as an input by target system’s load program to load.


Obfuscation of production data in a way enabling usage of production data for test purposes without compromising on data security and effectively preventing any reverse engineering to identify a person or entity and/or expose sensitive information.

Inflight Transactions

Workflows originated in current CHESS and open during the cutover weekend needing to complete in the new system post migration.


Housekeeping is the activity performed by ASX in current CHESS to cancel or reject specific requests received from a CHESS user and where the counterparty to that request has not responded within accordance of the defined timeframe prior to current CHESS End of Day commencing.


Cutover refers to the single cutover Go Live weekend for CHESS replacement where the CHESS business will be migrated to the CHESS replacement system including all integrations and external customers.

Critical Success Factor (CSF)

Measurable verification scenarios that are performed as part of the cutover weekend that are fundamental in determining a Go or No Go decision. See section 5.2.