Section 07 - 'To be' Production Environment

Context of this Document

The ASX Cutover and Migration Strategy must be read in the context of the ASX CHESS Replacement Technical Documentation (as applicable).

In the interests of readability and comprehension, where a procedure applies only in the context of securities in a listed company, the specific term security has been used instead of the more generic term financial product.

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7.1 Characteristics of ‘To be’ Production

All cutover rehearsals will be conducted in the ASX CHESS replacement system ‘To be' Production environment. This ensures all tasks in scope for the go live weekend are rehearsed in the environment that will become the production environment.

Post Market Dress Rehearsal (MDR) day 1 testing will also take place in the ‘To be' Production environment following an MDR.

The ‘To be' Production environment will be dedicated to MDR events and Post MDR Day 1 Testing. Note that ASX will implement production security controls to protect production data. It will be expected that similar controls will be implemented by CHESS users as part of preparing for MDRs.  

7.2 Connectivity and On-boarding to ‘To be' Production

All connectivity networks and access methods will be available in the ‘To be' Production environment.

Connectivity Network

Access Methods

Connectivity Network

Access Methods


  • Ledger API (Node Access)

  • AMQP (ISO 20022 XML Messaging)

  • CHESS User Interface

  • FIX (Approved Market Operators only)


  • SWIFT (ISO 20022 XML Messaging)

*Including IPSec VPN, Switch in Cabinet and Cross Connect.

7.3 On-Boarding

On-boarding for CHESS users refers to the steps required to provide access to the environment required for MDRs, Post MDR Day 1 testing and Go Live.

  • Network connectivity provisioning - this involves ASX and CHESS users configuring and testing the links between their respective data centres. This relates to the configuration of ASX Net sites for Ledger API, AMQP and FIX users. For any SWIFTNet clients, this refers to the provision of the participants into the SWIFT CUG (Closed User Group).

  • Security authentication - Authentication certificates will be exchanged between ASX and CHESS users. This security process will enable secure access to the CHESS replacement system. Participants will be able to create and load security certificates into the ASX CSAM portal. A Transport Level Security (TLS) certificate is required for those using Ledger API, AMQP or FIX, to provider for privacy and data integrity in all information shared. Additional certificates are required for ISO 20022 message signing (AMQP) and Token Acquisition (Ledger API) to provide further security around user authentication.

The first step of the onboarding process is for participants to complete a ‘To be' Production application Form. Completed application forms are required to allow subscribers to connect to the ‘To be' Production Environment.

The ‘To be' Production environment application form is to be published in a subsequent release, in accordance to Section 6.4 of the Industry Test Strategy.