April 2022 - ITE2 Drop Notes

Code Drop - ITE2 (v.1.2)

The release notes detail the scope of ITE2 (v1.2), deployed on 27 April 2022, including available functionality. The code drop is accompanied by the 27 April 2022 - ITE2 Onboarding Documentation Update. Full details of the functionality are provided below.


ITE Release

Technical Documentation Release

Supporting Documentation

DA SDK Version

Release Notes

Please note the following points for your consideration:

  • ITE2 opens to CHESS Users for onboarding as part of the April 2022 Code Drop (v1.2).

  • ASX’s initial focus will be to onboard CHESS users who are not testing in ITE1. If a CHESS user is already testing in ITE1 because they are developing software in-house, they will be onboarded into ITE2 at a later date.

  • Post successful validation of connectivity and onboarding CHESS users CHESS users will be ‘ITE2 ready’. Subsequently, all connectivity channels will be disabled with the exception of CHESS UI. CHESS UI access will remain available in a read only capacity. Refer to ITE2 Onboarding for further details.

Environment Status

The following is the environment status for ITE2 open as at April 27 2022. For a real-time environment status, using your organisation’s group service mailbox email address, refer to the CHESS Environment Status.