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CHESS User Interface User Guide

The CHESS User Interface (UI) is a new, secure, browser-based user interface that uses the ledger API to provide access to the CSP. It is intended to service low volume users and provides a channel for input of ad-hoc messages not supported by a users core system.
Introduction to the CHESS User Interface (UI)
CHESS UI - Accounts
CHESS UI - Message Centre
CHESS UI - User Management
CHESS UI - Settlement Instructions
CHESS UI - mFund and Investor Data
CHESS UI - Approval Workflow
CHESS UI - Common Functionality

Operational Procedures & Guidelines

ASX Settlement Procedure Guidelines (includes PDF export)
CHESS Overview (APG section 2)
Participation in the settlement facility (APG section 3)
Account Administration (APG section 4)
Holding administration locks (APG section 5)
Transfers and conversions between subregisters (APG section 6)
Corporate Actions (APG section 11)
Reporting (APG section 21)
Issuer (registry) procedures (APG section 22)