Customer Development Environment (CDE)

This section covers: customer development environment (CDE)

CDE was decommissioned at the end of February 2022 and is no longer an active test environment. All information related to CDE was at a point in time only, but continues to be made available for historical reference purposes.

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CDE follows the development cycle of the CHESS Replacement project. Functionality, security features and test capabilities will be progressively added to the environment during the life of the project in iterative cycles of approximately 8 weeks, targeting full functionality by May 2020.

The Customer Development Environment (CDE) provides an isolated application development and low volume testing environment for CSP users and vendors.

The environment allows users to test connectivity options and progressively test functionality as it is made available. It will be seeded with static data, such as calendars, issuers, securities and participant information.

The Auto-responder account will also be provided to allow for the simulation of specific test scenarios; such as auto matching bilateral requests.

In case of environment reset, either due to functionality uplift or error, all data will be reset, including ASX seeded data and customer transaction data. It is recommended that users automate test preparation scripts to the fullest extent possible, so that client testing can resume quickly post the reset of an environment.


The objective of CDE testing is to assist users to: 

  • Validate different connectivity options and daily processing schedules
  • Implement changes to internal systems, interfaces and communication links as required
  • Undertake functional testing of their internal systems and interfaces
  • Update internal operating processes and procedures
  • Achieve internal audit/operational sign-off for all system and procedural changes


To assist all users and vendors, the ASX will:

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