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Rejected Transaction Error message (comm_808)

If a message fails Business validation, the ASX sends a Rejected Transaction Error message (comm_808) to the Sender.

The Reason Description should be represented by:

ElementPath'ElementData' value is invalid (action)

The ElementPath need must include the the full Path.

For example,

Settlement Date is invalid.

sett_202 (Suplementary Data Invalid)
Receiving Holding Balance Invalid


Business Error Code List

Error CodeStatus
Business EventIngress Message IDReason CodeReason DescriptionCreation DateDeleted Date
AllAll1001ElementPath 'Element Data' format is invalid 
AllAll1002ElementPath 'Element Data' value is invalid 
AllAll1003ElementPath is required and missing 
AllAll1004ElementPath1 'ElementData' is not allowed with <ElementName2>'ElementData2' 
AllAll1005ElementPath 'Element Data' already exists 
AllAll1006ElementPath 'Element Data' does not exist 
Account CreationAll1007

ElementPath 'Element Data' not active

Account Creationacct_0011008

Actor Id not allowed to create HINs

Account Creationacct_0011009

Offeror HIN cannot be sponsored

Account Managementacct_0031010

Nominated Market Settlement Entrepot is already linked

Account Managementacct_0031011

Account Type can not be changed from Entrepot to Direct/Sponsored (and vice versa)

Account Managementacct_0031012Actor doesn’t have permission to manage HINs 
AllAll1013ElementPath 'ElementData' cannot be changed 
Account Managementacct_0031014

Actor ID does not have permission to remove <Account Status>

AllAll1015ElementPath 'Element Data' can not be deleted 
AllAll1016ElementPath 'Element Data' is cancelled 
AllAll1017ElementPath 'Element Data' is insufficient  
AllAll1018Action cannot be performed because an existing Active Relationship already exists 
AllAll1019Action cannot be performed because ElementPath 'Element Data' does not have required Role 
AllAll1020Action cannot be performed because ElementPath 'Element Data' is in an invalid State 
AllAll1021/BizMsg/AppHdr/Rltd value is invalid 
AllAll1081Submitting Party does not have permissions to perform the requested action 
AllAll1082Submitting Party does not control the Account 'Element Data <HIN>' 

Transfer not allowed between 'Element Data <Delivering HIN>' 'Element Data <Receiving HIN>'

AllAll1084Requested quantity is greater than the available balance in 'Element Data <Delivering HIN>' 
Intra Position Movement hold_2031085No lock exists on this security  
Intra Position Movement hold_2031086The holding status update reason does not match current holding lock  
AllAll1087Action is not allowed for Security 'Element Data <Security Code>' 
AllAll1088There is no active Payment Facility associated with account 'Element Data <HIN>' 
Settlement InstructionsAll1092Settlement Link is already in use for the given Settlement Date 
Payment Facilitiesacct_005
1110ElementPath 'Element Data' does not have required permissions 


1114Duplicate values supplied in request 'Element Data <Element Value>' 
Payment Facilitiesacct_005
1116ElementPath 'Element Data <Element Value>' already associated to a Payment Facility 
Payment Facilitiesacct_0071118Payment Facility ElementPath 'Element Data' cannot be modified as there are pending real time payment transactions on it 
AllAll1120Action is not allowed on Account 'Element Data <Element Value>' 
Corporate Actionsevnt_7xx1123<Corporate Action Id> could not be recorded as there are existing concurrent Corporate Actions in the system. 
AllAny1124Action cannot be performed because a pending request already exists  
AllAny1125Action cannot be performed on ElementPath 'Element Data' as it is an invalid Type. 
AllAny1126ElementPath 'Element Data' does not control ElementPath 'Element Data'. 
AllAny1127ElementPath 'Element Data' is associated with an Account Specific Payment Facility. 
AllAny1128Action cannot be performed for current status 
AllAny1129Action cannot be performed, Transaction cannot be found with ElementPath 'Element Data' provided 
AllAny1130Action cannot be performed by a party that has not received the Transaction 
AllAny1131ElementPath 'Element Data' must be greater or equal to current date 
AllAny1132ElementPath1 'Element Data1' must be greater or equal to ElementPath2 'Element Data2'  
AllAny1133ElementPath 'Element Data' value is an invalid Business Date 
AllAny1134Submitting Party  'Element Data <BAH_From/BAH_From_BIC>' does not have permissions to execute transactions for date provided 
AllAny1135Action cannot be performed after ElementPath 'Element Data' 
AllAny1136Action cannot be performed when ElementPath2 'Element Data2' value is repeated for the same ElementPath1 'Element Data1' 
AllAny1137Request cannot be processed while there are outstanding settlements 
AllAny1138Request cannot be processed for number of securities provided 
AllAny1139Action cannot be performed where there are two or more occurrences of the same Security 
AllAny1140Override Basis of Movement is not allowed for more than one Security 
AllAny1141ElementPath1 'ElementData' does not match <ElementName2>'ElementData2' 
AllAny1142Action cannot be performed prior to the Corporate Action '<Reason>' Record Date 
AllAny1143Action cannot be performed for different security types 
AllAny1144Additional instances of ElementPath are expected 
AllAny1146ElementPath1 'Element Data1' must not be provided  
AllAny1147Action cannot be performed after the Corporate Action '<Reason>' Payment Date 
AllAny1148Record or Payment Date does not exist for Corporate Action '<Reason>' 
AllAny1149Corporate Action <Reason> does not exist for the Security 
AllAny1150Action is not allowed on Corporate Action 'Element Data <Element Value>' 
Account Managementacct_0031151Action to update a Nominated Settlement Entrepot must not contain modifications to Account or Holder attributes 
AllAny1153Submitting Party <PartyID> cannot initiate requests from Actor <BAH_From/BAH_From_BIC>" 
AllAny1154Settlement Lock already exists for Settlement Instruction <Target Transaction Id> 
AllAny1155Settlement Lock does not exist for Settlement Instruction <Target Transaction Id> 
AllAny1156Requesting Participant  'Element Data <Actor Id>' or Related Party does not have permission to settle requested transaction. 
AllAny1157Active Payment Facility cannot be found for Submitter or their Agent 
AllAny1158Active Payment Facility cannot be found for Counterparty or their Agent 
AllAny1159Transaction Quantity or Amount is required and missing 
AllAny1160Transaction cannot be updated when batch settlement is in progress 
AllAny1161Requested Quantity must match Total Balance of the 'Element Data <Security Code/ISIN>'on the account 'Element Data <HIN>' 
AllAny1162Gross Amount must be equal to the sum of Settlement Amount, Tax Withheld, and Fees 
AllAny1163ElementPath1 or Element Path2 is required and missing 
AllAny1164Investor Data may not be submitted when there is no Holding or Cum Entitlement Balance 
AllAny1165Investor Data may not be submitted with ElementPath 'Element Data'  
AllAny1166Action cannot be performed where there are two or more instances of ElementPath 'Element Data'  
AllAny1167Action cannot be performed when there are incomplete transactions related to the Actor currently assigned the active role  
AllAny1168Actor Pty/Id/Id 'Element Data' cannot be deleted whilst there are associated accounts with a Holding Balance in a Fund 
AllAny1169ElementPath1 'Element Data1' does not match ElementPath2 'Element Data2' 
AllAny1170Action cannot be performed, ElementPath 'Element Data' is not allowed


Account Managementacct_0031171Action cannot be performed where one or more Holders exist with a Holder Type of Unknown 
Account Managementacct_0031173Action cannot be performed where ElementPath1 'Element Data1' is specified on a pending transaction, instruction or enquiry 
Account Managementacct_0031174Action cannot be performed where ElementPath1 'Element Data1' contains a non-zero holding balance or non-zero cum-entitlement balance 
AllAny1175Action cannot be performed after expected issue of units 
AllAny1179Action cannot be performed for Target Transaction <Transaction Id> 
AllAny1180Nominated Settlement Entrepot Account cannot be cancelled when associated to active Settlement Participant 
AllAny1181ElementPath 'Element Data' exists on an existing or pending Payment Facility or on a request to be added to a Payment Facility 
AllAny1182Advisor and Dealer Group Details are required when Financial Advisor Indicator is provided as true 
AllAny1183Action requires at least one of either TFN or ABN Details, Financial Advisor Details, or Account Investor Foreign Tax Details 
Collateralpldg_3021193Insufficient Balance exists to process initial request 
Collateralpldg_3021194Request cannot be processed, Security is in an invalid state  
AllAny1196Balance does not exist for ElementPath1 'Element Data1' on Account ElementPath2 'Element Data2' 
AllAny1197Notification cannot be processed due to insufficient future business dates existing in the system 

Corporate Actions

evnt_7xx1199Diary Adjustments must contain a unique combination of Diary Adjustment Type, Subject Security and Adjustment Date 

Corporate Actions




1200Feature not currently supported  
Corporate Actionsevnt_7xx1203DRP not applicable for this security 
Reportingrptg_6011204ElementPath is not required 
Account Managementn/a1214Residency Indicator for a Nominated Settlement Entrepot cannot be changed. 
Reportingrptg_60x9999Unexpected CSP system error. Please contact ASX CTS for further investigation. 

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