Reporting Changes


The following changes have been made to reporting.






Standing Reports

Previously in CHESS, reports could be scheduled for delivery periodically. This was known as a standing report. Message based reporting in the CSP cannot be scheduled for delivery periodically.

See Unsolicited Reports for a list of message based reports that will be made available on an unsolicited basis.

Report Cancellation

Previously in CHESS, scheduled and standing reports could be cancelled. In the CSP reports cannot be cancelled once accepted by the application.

Unsolicited Reports

In lieu of the change to standing reports, the CSP will generate the following reports, on an unsolicited basis, for Issuer (Registries) and Participants acting as Warrant Issuer’s Agent:

  • Total Security Balance (TSBL);

  • Total Cum Entitlement Balance (TCEB);

  • Cum Entitlement Balance (CEBL);

  • Holding Net Movement (HMVT); and

  • Cum Entitlement Net Movement (CEMV).

Account Notification

Historical Holder Detail and Holding Registration Detail (i.e. Account Notification) cannot be requested through message based demand reporting requests.

Historical Account and Holder Details are available via the Ledger API and Browser.

Security Details Report

Automatically generated for each business day by the CSP and, available in csv format via the existing WMI sFTP directory.

Descoped Reports

The following reports have been descoped from message based reporting:

  • Aggregated Foreign to Foreign Allocations;

  • Cancelled Instruction;

  • Full Holding Transaction;

  • Full Settlement Instruction;

  • Full SLS Loan;

  • Holder Control;

  • Holder History;

  • Holding Subposition Detail;

  • Holding Transaction;

  • Movements Between Subregisters (Participant & Registry);

  • Obligation;

  • Outstanding SLS Loan;

  • Payment Facility Detail;

  • Payment Facility History;

  • Projected Position;

  • Reporting Request Detail;

  • Rights Acceptance;

  • Settlement;

  • Security Detail;

  • Subregister Closure Exceptions;

  • Third Party Subposition Balance;

  • Third Party Subposition Details;

  • Top Security Holder;

  • Unauthorised Registry Transaction;

  • Unmatched Instruction;

  • User Detail; and

  • User History.


In CHESS, the following reports are sent as separate message per Account (HIN) and financial product/corporate action:

  • Holding Balance (HBAL);

  • Cum Entitlement Balance (CEBL);

  • Holding Subposition Balance (HSBL);

  • Holding Net Movement (HMVT); and

  • Cum Entitlement Net Movement (CEMV).

In the CSP, the ISO 20022 message for these reports allows multiplicity within a single message, however, where a report contains a large number of results, the report output may be broken up into separate messages identified by a page number. For further details refer to Pagination.

Projected Funds Obligations

CHESS currently provides reporting to notify Participants and Payment Providers of their projected funds obligations prior to the start of day.

In the CSP, following consultation in the ISO20022 Technical Committee Meeting on February 25 2020 (slide 9), projected funds obligations will only be provided at the start of day to Payment Providers. Participants will only receive projected funds obligations (sett_134, the equivalent to EIS150) once Batch Settlement commences.

Netted Obligation Report (NNDP) and Obligation Status Report (OBLG)

On 18 February 2021, ASX released its consultation paper on CHESS Replacement: Proposed changes to netting and settlement workflow. The consultation paper outlined changes to the design of both the netting and settlement confirmation workflows to deliver processing efficiencies and reduce subsequent messaging volumes as part of the overnight end-of-day process and daily batch settlement.

These changes allow the CSP to support clearing and settlement of significantly greater trading volumes and are largely in response to the extreme record trading activity in March 2020, which redefined the Day 1 capacity requirements of the replacement system.

With the implementation of netting and settlement changes:

  • the CSP will no longer create a Net Broker Obligation (NBO), therefore the CSP will not generate and send a Netted Obligation Report (sett_102); and

  • Settlement Confirmation messages (sett_119) for fully or partially settled settlement instructions will not be sent prior to completion of batch settlement.

To support these changes, the following reports have been introduced;

  • Netted Obligation Report (NNDP); and

  • Obligation Status Report (OBLG).

Refer to Netting and Settlement Reconciliation Reporting for further information.

Daily Interest Earned and Collateral Statement Reports

Previously, the Daily Interest Earned and Collateral Statement Reports were produced automatically and sent to Clearing Participants via EIS messaging. Additionally, these reports were also made available in PDF/CSV formats via Genium CW or ASXOnline.

Communicated as part of the Stakeholder Feedback and ASX Response - Margin Settlement and Excess Cash Instructions, the CSP no longer supports these EIS messages and the Daily Interest Earned and Collateral Statement Reports are produced automatically in PDF/CSV formats and are made available via SFTP.