Messaging Accreditation Overview

Additional information regarding technical accreditation will be published in subsequent documentation, as per the Documentation Release Plan.

Messaging Accreditation


Messaging accreditation ensures the system that generates the ISO 20022 message construct can successfully send and receive messages prior to that system being used by CHESS Users in the CSP production environment.  Messaging accreditation relates to both ISO 20022 messages as well as DAML commands via the Ledger API.


The objectives to achieve messaging accreditation are:

  • Software providers to perform messaging accreditation based on the CHESS User type(s) their system supports.  The messaging accreditation required for each CHESS User type is outlined in the CHESS User by Function table

  • Accreditation test scenarios are to be performed in the Industry Test Environment (ITE)

  • Software providers are to notify ASX of completed accreditation test scenarios and supply the Business Message Identification that corresponds to each test scenario

  • ASX will assess accreditation test scenarios to determine a pass or fail status, as determined by acceptance criteria, and confirm results to software provider

Entry/Exit Criteria

  • Entry criteria: successful completion of connectivity accreditation requirements

  • Exit criteria: successful completion of required messaging accreditation scenarios as determined by the defined acceptance criteria within the Message Accreditation scripts