Stakeholder Feedback and ASX Response – Australian Payments Network Equity Settlement Payment Provider Sub-Committee ESPPSC

Stakeholder Feedback and ASX Response

ASX values the feedback it receives from stakeholders to determine the optimal solution design for each new business requirement. As part of its stakeholder engagement process, ASX has published a summary of the feedback it has received from stakeholders from the relevant Focus Groups and ISO 20022 Technical Committee meetings on the solution design of this new functionality.

This feedback is presented in the form of a table, and lists the key topics raised by stakeholders across both forums. The table provides a summary of stakeholder feedback and ASX’s response to that feedback, highlighting where relevant the evolution of the functional specifications of each new business requirement based on stakeholder feedback and further analysis done by ASX. While ASX has considered the issues, comments and suggestions made by each impacted stakeholder, the differing and at times conflicting needs of various stakeholder groups mean that final functional specifications may not support suggestions received or retain aspects notwithstanding concerns raised.

The table does not identify any organisation or individual who raised a particular topic or question for discussion, nor does it intend to capture individual responses received from stakeholders; rather it is intended to be a summary only.

Australian Payments Network Equity Settlement Payment Provider Sub-Committee (ESPPSC)

Focus Groups

28 November 2018
12 March 2019
18 June 2019
27 August 2019
14 November 2019
10 March 2020

Technical Committee

25 Feb 2020
07 April 2020

Number of respondents (on final proposal)


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