13 March 2019 - Connectivity, Environments & Testing

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13 March 2019

What has changed

Updates: Testing, Connectivity and Environments Documentation.

Under Review: Accounts Functional Specifications.

New: Application forms issued for users to request access to CDE.

Reason for changes

Testing Documentation has been expanded to provide vendors and Participants with additional information to assist interaction with the CDE environment.

Minor updates and changes to the Connectivity and Environments Documentation – see further details below. 

Special Note for Account Opening

Following a number of working groups with stakeholders, ASX has been asked to consider reducing the complexity to support account opening. ASX is currently undertaking a review, with considerations given to the number of messages, sequencing and workflows.

ASX wishes to advise vendors and Participants of the high probability that there will be updates to the messages and associated workflows. Any changes to the Account opening process will be provided in a subsequent update. 

Consequently, ASX will populate the CDE with account data to facilitate testing. Refer to the below Test Data link for further details.

Forward Release Plan

Function / page


Details of update

Forward Release Plan (Update)

Forward view of functionality release dates.

Updated capabilities and features for CDE Release 3.


Function / page


Details of update

SWIFTNet Connectivity to the ASX (Update)

Specifies infrastructure components, technical considerations, requirements, addressing, technical features and composition associated with SWIFTNet messaging.

Minor updates. Addition of step in joining SWIFT on subscribing to the SWIFTNet Closed User Group.

Connectivity to the SWIFTNet Closed User Group (CUG) (NEW)

Details of the pilot service for ASX on SWIFTNet.

New page added. This page contains information on Connecting to the SWIFTNet Closed User Group (CUG) and Addressing SWIFTNet.

ASX Net (Update)

Describes ASX Net connectivity and technical service details. 

Minor updates on information relating to Site to Site VPN and refreshed diagram.

Site to Site IPSec VPN Internet Connectivity (NEW)

Describes Site to Site (IPSec) VPN connectivity. 

New page added. 


Function / page


Details of update

Environments Overview (Update)

High level overview of the main environments and planned timelines.

Updated diagram.

Customer Development Environment (CDE) (Update)

Summarises the purpose and planned functionality of the Customer Development Environment (CDE).

Significant updates. Uplift of information previously sitting on child page, CDE Overview (now removed) and addition of information on the objective and approach for CDE. 
CDE Overview (Removed)
Information uplifted to Customer Development Environment (CDE) page. 

CDE Application Forms (Update)

Application forms issued for users to request access to CDE.

Page moved from Testing to Environments section and CDE application forms added.

CDE Connectivity (Update)

Details of connectivity options available from CDE1.

Page moved from Testing to Environments section and connectivity information updated.

Support for CDE (NEW)

Technical and functional support details.

New page added. 

Technical Constraints (NEW)

Details of technical considerations for CDE.

New page added. 


Function / page


Details of update

Testing (Update)Homepage for Testing information.Updated with short introductory bullet points to enhance navigation.

Test Data (NEW)

Specifies seeded test data provided by ASX in CDE.

New page added.


Specifies CSP users and their associated test functions.

New page added.

CDE Auto-responders (NEW)

Details of the Auto-responder to enable the testing of bilateral events by a single party in CDE.

New page added.

CDE Bilateral Demand Transfer (NEW)

Auto-responder handling of Bilateral Demand Transfers.

New page added.

CDE Bilateral Demand Settlement Instruction (NEW)

Auto-responder handling of Bilateral Demand Settlement Instructions.

New page added.

CDE Testing (Removed)
This home page was removed as the child pages (CDE Application Form and CDE Connectivity) were moved to the 'Environments'.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Function / page


Details of update

FAQ – Functional Specification (Update)

New questions added.

  • How will ASX manage versions of Technical Documentation?

FAQ – Messaging (Update)

New questions added.

  • Where can I find samples of the ASX xml messages, and how can I test any messages I create ‘offline’ before connecting to CDE?
  • How are the Business Application Header (BAH) and ISO Document tag values related?

FAQ – Testing (NEW)

New FAQ section created 

  • How does the Auto-responder work?

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