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CDE Testing

Is there anything we need to be aware of to start testing in the CDE?


ASX published a list of limitations and known issues with our first code release to CDE. An example is that we expect messages would comply with XML schema definitions and be validated against the MyStandards Readiness Portal prior to testing.

When might CDE messages not receive a CSP response?


CSP responses are normally delivered to the requestor in their CDE with little or no delay.  However for messaging channels (AMQP and SWIFTNet) there may be connectivity issues that delay the delivery of CSP responses.  Currently in CDE, messages that are malformed or missing return addressing details (such as an unknown <Fr> tag) make the response message undeliverable.   Undeliverable messages are manually inspected, and CSP Support will respond to the sender with a reason for why the message was undeliverable.

To avoid syntax issues, messages can be validated in the MyStandards Readiness Portal, and all test messages should only use <Fr> Party Identifiers from the set provided in the CSP User section of the Testing pages, (or equivalent provided to SWIFT-enabled participants).

How does the Auto-responder work?


An Auto-responder feature is provided by the ASX in the CDE to help vendors and Participants simulate events where a Counter-party response is required.  Please refer to the Testing Auto-responder page.

How do we test for a new payment facility message?

 How do we test for a new payment facility message?

acct_004 message is generated when a new payment facility is created by ASX. To simulate this in CDE the following is suggested for testing:

Testing via Ledger API:

  • Use the LedgerOffset to specify at what point to begin streaming data. If this is done from the start, an acct_004 message will be generated.

Testing via AMQP:

Benefit of AMQP is that messages are queued awaiting for retrieval. Upon an environment reset the first messages received will be acct_004. If the test is required this can be triggered by either:

  1. Sending a request to CTS@asx.com.au to restart the adapter ‘amqp-ssa’ for the specific CDE with “full replay”. This restart will re-send EVERY AMQP message for the CDE since the previous reset, including the acct_004. Note - these messages will be duplicates, with the same original timestamp.
  2. Submitting a request to CTS@asx.com.au for a full reset and restart of the specific CDE.

What file types and encoding schemes are supported by the CSP?


The CSP supports the submission of CSV files encoded in UTF-8 format. Occasionally, in CHESS Replacement technical documentation, excel files containing sample data are provided for information purposes. Users are reminded to re-create the data in a UTF-8 CSV file format, rather than submitting the original file itself.

In a UTF-8 BOM encoded CSV, it is possible for the file to contain a Byte Order Mark (BOM) character. If this character is present, it is treated as an invalid file format by the CSP and the submission may fail due to various reasons such as a NullPointerException.

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