May 2020 - CDE Code Drop Notes

Code Drop 7

The release notes detail the scope of the seventh drop of CDE code, released on 29 May 2020, including details of the available functionality in the CDE environment. This CDE code drop is accompanied by the May 2020 What’s New technical documentation updates. Full details of the functionality are provided below.

CDE7 includes breaking changes including mutual TLS to Ledger API Connectivity. For further information, refer to the May 2020 What's New.


CDE Release

Technical Documentation Release

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DA SDK Version

CDE Release

Technical Documentation Release

Supporting Documentation

DA SDK Version

CDE Release 7

February 2020
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Known Issues & Limitations
Ledger API Connectivity
Trade Ingest API
-| Self-Service Holding Adjustments
-| Self-Service Collateral Management
-| Self-Service Account Management for Issuer (Registries)

DAML SDK: 1.2.0-snapshot.20200513.4172.0.021f4af3
Bindings Rx Java: 1.2.0-snapshot.20200513.4172.0.021f4af3 
DAML LF Archive: 1.2.0-snapshot.20200513.4172.0.021f4af3
CSP Java Stubs: 1.26.48

For further details refer to the Forward Release Plan.

Release Notes

Please note the following points for your consideration:

  • Opt-in ISO Message Signing is available. To opt-in to ISO Messaging signing in CDE, click here.

  • Takeover and Buy-back functionality introduced Bid Offerors. To opt-in as a Bid Offeror, click here.

  • This release introduces a schema upgrade for account modification to version acct_003_001_06_acmt_003_001_07, including communication preference and unknown holder type changes. The updated communication preference Electronic - ASX Only (ELEA), Electronic - Issuer Only (ELEI) and Electronic - ASX & Issuer (ELEC) all map to Electronic (ONLI) on the Account Notification (acct_002). Note: The CHESS Replacement Project is currently undertaking consultation on changes relating to accounts and holders, depending on the outcome of this process, the schema is subject to change.

  • Party Identification in CDE Code Drop 7 is limited to UIC format only. BIC support will be available in a subsequent release.

  • For Ledger API connectivity, both ISO 20022 ingress and egress instructions are supported. Please note, resultant state change contracts may be visible, but are not documented in this release and are subject to change.

  • Final security, resiliency and fail-over models are not present in the CDE Environment.

  • Transactional data may be lost in the event of a system restart or upgrade. The ASX will re-populate environments with seeded data.

  • For internal CDE maintenance, ASX may refresh environment every two weeks. ASX will always notify CDE Subscribers prior to any environment refresh.

Available Functionality



Release Notes



Release Notes

Settlement Failure Levy

The ability to process a penalty that is charged to Settlement Participants who enter the settlement batch cycle with Accounts (HINs) that have insufficient units or Cum Entitlement Balances (CEBs) to cover the settlement obligations of the Participant.

CDE Drop 7 includes the workflow for Settlement Failure Levy.

Account Cancellation

The ability for a Controlling Participant to cancel an Account (HIN).

CDE Drop 7 includes the workflow for Account Cancellation and the Removal of a Pending Account Cancellation.

Account and Holder Locking and Unlocking

The ability to lock and unlock accounts due to reasons such as deceased or bankrupt holder.

CDE Drop 7 includes the workflow for Account and Holder Locking and Unlocking.

Issuer (Registry) Reporting

The ability for Issuer (Registries) to receive reports on a daily basis from the CSP.

CDE Drop 7 includes the following daily reports for Issuer (Registries):

  • Total Security Balance (TSBL);

  • Total Cum Entitlement Balance (TCEB).

This workflow includes the End of Overnight Reporting Notification.

FIX Messaging

The ability for AMOs to submit the Market Data Snapshot Full Refresh FIX message and receive the appropriate response from the CSP.

CDE Drop 7 includes the workflow for the MarketDataSnapshotFullRefresh (35 =W) including the following FIX messages:

  • MarketDataSnapshotFullRefresh (35 =W);

  • Confirmation Ack (aka Affirmation) (35 =AU);

  • The Session Level reject message (Type 3); and

  • The Business Message Reject message (Type j).