CHESS UI - Message Centre Overview

List of messages available in the CHESS UI

The table below outlines the messages available in the CHESS UI as well as the applicable user and relevant message collection.

The CHESS UI supports all ISO 20022 messages via a single input form, and a limited number of messages via bulk import in CSV format. The messages supported by bulk import functionality are subject to revision in subsequent releases.


Relevant Message Collection

Single Message Input Support

Bulk Message Input Support


Relevant Message Collection

Single Message Input Support

Bulk Message Input Support

Supported through Accounts CHESS UI Functionality (refer to CHESS UI - Accounts Overview)

Acct_001 Account Creation Request

Account Management message collection

Acct_003 Account Modification Request

Supported through Payment Provider Authorisation CHESS UI Functionality (refer to CHESS UI - Payment Provider Authorisation Overview)

sett_135 - Funds Obligation Status Advice

Settlement message collection

Supported through mFund CHESS UI Functionality (documentation will be made available in a subsequent release)

mfnd_401 mFund Application Order Request

mFund message collection

mfnd_402 mFund Order Status Notification

mfnd_404 mFund Application Order Cancellation Request

mfnd_406 mFund Application Order Confirmation

mfnd_408 mFund Redemption Order Cancellation Request

mfnd_409 mFund Redemption Order Confirmation

Supported through Message Input CHESS UI Functionality (refer to CHESS UI - Message Input)

acct_012 - Investor Data and Foreign Tax Status Details

Account Management message collection

acct_013 - Bank Account Notification

acct_018 - Account Modification Instruction Acknowledgement

Acct_019 Controlling Participant Enquiry

Evnt_742 Corporate Action Election

Corporate Action Event message collection

Evnt_743 Corporate Action Instruction Status

evnt_744 Distribution Advice Notification

Evnt_745 Corporate Action Instruction Cancellation Request

Evnt_746 Corporate Action Election Cancellation Status Advice

Hold_201 Demand Transfer Request

Holding Movement message collection

Hold_209 Demand Transfer Cancellation

Hold_211 Transfer / Conversion Request

Hold_214 Transfer / Conversion Authorisation Response

Hold_217 SRN Enquiry Request

Hold_218 SRN Enquiry Status Advice

Hold_219 SRN Enquiry Response

Hold_220 Change of controlling participant request

Hold_221 Change of controlling participant status advice

Hold_223 Change of controlling participant cancellation request

Hold_226 Holding Adjustment Notification

Hold_229 Corporate Action Related Transfer

Pldg_301 Collateral Creation

Pledge and Lodgement message collection

Pldg_302 Collateral Authorisation

pldg_307 Margin Settlement Amount Change Request

rptg_601 Holding Balance Reporting Request

ISO 20022 Messaging - MC - Reporting message collection

rptg_603 Counterparty Funds Balance Reporting Request

Sett_105 Settlement Instruction Request

Settlement message collection

Sett_107 Settlement Instruction Cancellation Request

Sett_111 Settlement Instruction Cancellation Withdrawal

Sett_113 Settlement Instruction Update

Sett_115 Settlement Instruction Lock/Unlock

sett_128 Isolate Counterparty Request