30 April 2019 - CDE 1 Direct Connectivity & Testing

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30 April 2019


Updates: Direct Connectivity & Testing Documentation 

Reason for changes

Connectivity documentation, particularly direct connectivity, has been enhanced to provide vendors and participants with additional information to assist with CDE environment connection.


Updates to previously published functionality or corrections have been identified in orange on relevant pages.


Function / page


Details of update

Connectivity to SWIFTNet Closed User Group (Update)Details of the pilot service for ASX as it has been set up on SWIFTNet.Minor typographical fixes to ensure the text explanations match the content contained within the diagrams.

AMQP Connectivity to the ASX (Update)

Provides instructions for connecting to the ledger via AMQP. Updates on how to connect via AMQP. This page now provides subscribers with the URL and further information on how to connect to AMQP. 

Ledger API Connectivity to the CSP (Update)

Introductory page to direct node connectivity. Minor changes due to Digital Asset's announcement that DAML will be open source. 

Connect to the Ledger (Update)

Describes instructions for getting started and establishing a secure connection to the ledger.

Major updates introducing Java Classes and Java Bindings.
Using Java Classes (NEW)Details the use of Java classes for both Ingress and Egress messages. New page on how to use Java Classes.

Identify the Master Ingress Contract (Update)

Details the prerequisites required to submit a message.   Major updates to the page including refreshed code and comments. 

Build the Command Data Structure (Update)

Details instructions for building a command.Major updates including refreshed code and comments. 
Building the Payload (NEW)Describes converting XSD to Java using examples.New page containing examples of converting XSD to JAVA. 
Submit the Command (Update)Details callbacks and command submission processes.Major updates to the page including additional section on callbacks, originally in the "Review the Expected Output" page, and updates to the code fragments.
Point in Time Recovery (NEW)Details instructions on storing a point in time recovering and the data recovery process when connection to the Ledger Event Stream is lost. New page explaining how to restore a page when the Ledger Event Stream is lost. 
Review the Expected Output (Deleted)Details for this page have been moved to Submit the CommandContent has been moved to Submit the Command
Troubleshooting (Update)Describes some of the error messages which may be triggered when there are errors in the code. Minor grammatical and spelling updates. 


Function / page


Details of update

ISO 20022 Messaging - TM - Business Message Parameters (NEW)

Lists business message parameters including information referenced from the direct connectivity guide. These direct connectivity parameters include class name and command choice.

New table for release 1 and 2.

ISO 20022 Messaging - TM - EIS to ISO 20022 Cross Reference Guide (Update)

Lists CHESS message numbers (EIS) and their corresponding ISO 20022 base message numbers.

Minor table updates to include the following additions; Payment Facility Details Report, Trade Confirmation Notification and Trade Cancellation Notification.


Function / page


Details of update

CSP Users (Update)

Specifies CSP users and their associated test functions.

Minor update calling out UICs used to facilitate Unilateral Demand Transfer. 
Known Issues & Limitations (NEW)

Details known CDE issues & limitations, their impact and where applicable, an identified workaround.

New page.

Release Notes

Function / page


Details of update

Forward Release Plan (Update)Provides an overview of both documentation and code capabilities/features. 

Table amendments to reflect the current forward release plan. Additions include CDE Release 4 technical documentation scope and CDE1 listing of capabilities / features.

April 2019 - CDE Code Drop Notes (NEW)

Details the list of functionality available in April's CDE code drop. New page detailing full functionality available in CDE Drop 1. 

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