CDE Code Change

From CDE8, Corporate Action events will be loaded into each CDE environment to enable subscribers to test code change procedures.

When the CSP is ready to process a code change (a day prior to the effective date) for a corporate action event, a trigger is automatically generated and subsequently received by the CSP acknowledging the amendment. At end of day, the CSP will cease processing transactions in the old code. Outstanding transactions and holdings will have the old code changed to the new code. On the effective date, for a code change:

  • the Delivering and Receiving Participants receive an Adjusted Settlement Instruction (sett_139);

  • the Controlling Participant receives a Holding Adjustment Notification (hold_226); and

  • the Issuer (Registry) receives an Applied Code Change (admn_852).

For a detailed breakdown of available functionality, refer to the Code Change and Class Mergers Overview.



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