CDE Market Trade and Batch Settlement

Market Trade

FIX gateway is only available for AMO’s and appointed vendors.

AMO’s can send well-formed FIX-AE or FIX- W messages via FIX gateway. Any FIX messages that are not well formed or malformed will not receive any response (Type 3 or Type j) from the gateway.

CSP Users need to opt-in to have Market trades loaded.

The ASX is providing a set of sample Market Trades. These sample Market Trades provide basic coverage of Trade Notification process and include:

  • a set of sett_101 (Trade Confirmation Notification) and sett_104 (Trade Cancellation Notification)

  • standard, AsAt, Late and Short Sell trades between 2 self-clearing Trading Participants

  • Novated  trades

  • Non-novated trades e.g. Booking Purposes, Crossings

  • Booking Range of financial instruments & types, condition codes, quantities and prices

Each day’s load will have same trade information with the exception of trade date (which is set to the current business date) and settlement date (T+2). In addition, the base price and quantity are increased by fixed factors with a daily multiplier that results in a unique settlement value for each trade for each trade date.






Day number of the Calendar month


75 units

Trade price (up to 6 decimal places) = Base price + (Price factor x Multiplier)
Trade quantity = Base quantity + (Quantity factor x Multiplier)
Settlement amount= Trade price x Trade quantity

End of Day Prices

Each day the end of day prices are loaded for all securities. In addition, the prices are increased by fixed factors with a daily multiplier that results in a unique settlement value for each trade for each trade date.

Day 1 and Day 2 of Settlement will use the EOD Price without variance.

The price variation below is applicable:





Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


Every Thursday and Friday


Batch Settlement

Batch Settlement will be triggered automatically at 12:00 pm each business day. For further information, refer to Batch Settlement Overview.

The authorisation for each Payment Facility will be performed automatically by the CSP. For further information, refer to CDE Payment Provider Authorisation.

Market Trades, Settlement Instructions and payments relating to mFund Application and Redemption Orders are eligible for settlement in the batch settlement cycle run on their Settlement Date.

Settlement Linking

A Settlement Link Identifier (ID) has been introduced to enable Participants to create contingent links between receiving and delivering settlement instructions that target the same Account (HIN) of the Participant. For further information, refer to Settlement Link ID.

Netting and Settlement Workflow Changes

CDE drop 10 introduces netting and settlement workflow changes in the CHESS Replacement system. For further information, refer to Netting and Settlement Workflow Changes.